Producent obuwia Vi-GGa-Mi

About us

The Vi-GGa-Mi brand was established in 1992. From the very beginning, the company has been producing footwear dedicated to children. Vi-GGa-Mi is a family enterprise with only Polish capital. Thanks to such a long presence on the market for the production of footwear for children and the flexibility developed over the years in the approach to customer needs, the company can boast of extensive practical experience used both in the process of designing patterns as well as in the production process and cooperation with customers. Our own design department results in the originality of design not only in terms of the construction of footwear, but also surprises with the variety of materials and soles. In production, we use cotton (the lining, i.e. the interior of the footwear that is in contact with the child’s foot, is made exclusively of cotton), while the uppers are made of cotton and polyester, which allows for unlimited color reproduction. Light, odorless and flexible soles are due to the special composition of PVC material.

From the very beginning of the plant’s existence, we take care of every element of the footwear structure with the greatest care to ensure the safety of use for children and the comfort of moving in our shoes. According to the principles of design correctness, our footwear has, among others, a stiffened heel of an appropriate height, which keeps the child’s foot in the correct position, despite the fact that it is general use and not specialist footwear. In addition, the footwear models in our wide offer have an adjustable clasp (Velcro, buckle or high-quality rubber bands), so they can be used by all children, because you can choose the right pattern for the width of the child’s foot. The customer has a wide selection, not only in terms of the preferred colors or decorations, but also in terms of proper adjustment, tactility and ensuring comfort in wearing. Our footwear, thanks to the production technology that we use, usually does not require an additional insole as standard, but for the convenience of our Little Customers, we offer the option of buying shoes as standard, with a leather insole as well as a certified absorbent Actifresh insole. We offer footwear in sizes from 18 to 36.

The textile footwear for children produced in Vi-GGa-Mi is breathable, so that the feet of a small user will not overheat. The foot’s breathability is also ensured by specially designed soles. Their shapes have been developed in our design department. Special conical vents in the sole transport heat to the outside, preventing the foot from overheating and sweating less, and the conical shape does not let moisture in. Our offer includes shoes for school, kindergarten and outdoor use.

Each season, we try to expand our offer with new designs and introduce new color options and original designs of soles to satisfy each of our customers.

You can find footwear of our production in wholesalers and stores throughout the country, we also encourage you to buy in our online store, where you will also find models not available in the catalog offer.

We invite wholesalers and stores to cooperate with us. Catalog offer, and individual customers are encouraged to buy in stationary stores cooperating with us (ask for the Vi-GGa-Mi brand!) And to the Online Store.