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Take care about your child’s delicate feet

What should characterized shoes for kids? Does the footwear brand of Vi-GGa-Mi design incorporates
the principles of correct footwear for children?

Footwear for children is our specialty and the tradition and we take care about it since the very beginning. Our designers ensure appropriate design of each model to be suitable to the age of the
child. Principles of design correctness of our shoes are taken into account such as rigidity and age-appropriate amount of the back of the upper (the so-called rigid heel). Shoes should be lightweight, comfortable and adjustable to shape of child’s foot. Upper should be a fairly broad and comfortable in front of the shoe and do not deform delicate feet of our little clients.

Soles, as a rule are made of odorless PVC resistant to attrition and changing weather conditions. Sole should be light and moderately flexible, appropriate, must stabilize the foot, while others allow for the smooth bending. Textile shoes, which is currently the focus is produced in many models with different design, so you have a choice, not only for your preferred colors and decorations, but also for the proper regulation of closing and comfort of wearing. We make shoes for the feet of narrow or wide and suitable for feet of varying height of the heel. We offer retractable models, tied, fastened with velcros and a buckle or regulated by a different width elastics rubber.

What materials are produced slippers for the kids to be safe and comfortable in use?

For uppers of our shoes we use only natural materials, mainly cotton and corduroy. The lining is also made of cotton. Natural materials have the ability to absorb, so reduce the discomfort associated with sweating feet. Soles from the special, secure in the use of PVC suitable properties. The shape of the bottom is projected in our Company design Departament and on our order moulds are specially made . Material used for the bottoms is used in a variety of colors, color-matched to the uppers. However, white reigns during school season, and outside of different models for girls and boys beige. Latest bottom for a girl is mould of “butterflies”, in addition to distinctive aesthetics market also has an important advantage, is the bottom “breathing” through the perforated knobs on the underside of a specific shape, any moisture is drained out, but did not get into the inside of the shoe.

Do you apply (and what kind) shoe inserts for children?

Do inserts play a role? Shoe insoles is on the textile issue. We provide our customers with their purchase upon request. They are made of natural leather inserts with carbon substrate. However, the use of inserts is variously assessed by orthopedic surgeons, and therefore they are not in our shoes just a standard option. A significant part of the experts believe that the rate of a healthy child should shape itself. If the child’s feet require orthopedic inserts, then they are special inserts that respects the specific needs of the patient. It will not solve such problems, standard contoured insole. The market, however, indicates such a need, therefore we introduced the possibility of buying shoes with inserts. Our liners are high quality, using natural materials and are shaped to fit our designs of shoes.

How to choose shoes for your child in order for your shoes do not rub the foot?

Companies who depend on customer satisfaction, try to minimize the use of trim production, which can cause discomfort use. The footwear brand Vi-GGa-Mi internal connecting are smooth and possibly a thin, flat stitching, thread end disposed in a manner that eliminates the harshness and shank respectively pressing. Before we go into production model is tested in the friendly nursery and valuable, even if the criticism of small users and their parents are used to model for us distinctive in the market and aesthetics and design.

Remember that your child is a specific customer who is growing and with it his feet. Keep this in mind and be replaced frequently, textile shoes that kids wear to maintain comfort. Textile shoes feature is also true that the type of materials used during the lifetime of prejudice to the textile shoes, which normally does not exceed 2-3 months.

What models of Vi-GGa-Mi Brand are currently the most popular and most wanted?

Each new season brings a new hit sales, but there are models that are consistently popular for several seasons, often in new layout colors. Currently, most trusted enjoy the following models: For small children: BAMBI, SMERFUŚ and Smerfetka for medium-dimensional groups: TUBIŚ and RAPEREK and for older children Julek and Czeszka.

What the law says about children’s shoes?

The laws in Poland do not govern in a special way of relating to the production and sale of footwear for children. Although there is an area of production particularly regulated by law, subject to the arrangements governing the production of general in the Polish law. From a customer standpoint, it is essential that manufacturers have complied with the standards developed for the footwear for children’s PN-O-91015: 2000, ‘footwear for children under 15 years “and observe the rights of
consumers in respect of guarantees and warranties governed by the Act of February 16, 2007 ro competition and consumer protection and the Act of March 2, 2000 ro protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products. In addition to legal regulations hemselves responsible manufacturers ensure that their products have been reviewed by specialized research units. In Poland, for example, there is the Institute of Leather Industry (in which the structure is now entering the Central Laboratory of the Footwear Industry), which is a unit may be ordered appropriate tests. There examines whether the construction of footwear such as protecting children’s proper growth rate. Models in such a way that properly verified can get the symbol “Healthy Feet”. ZPO Vi-GGa-Mi their basic patterns such tests had surrendered.

Does anyone take special care about this goods for children?

And how is this done? To control the trade in footwear is empowered primarily Polish Trade Inspection and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. But above all, product quality controlling the market, and the customers. Only products of good quality and suitable design is
able to defend themselves in the market. Long-standing presence on the Polish market for customers is also an indicator of the quality of the products of the manufacturer. Mark Vi-GGa-Mi is a Polish company with nearly 20 years of experience in the manufacture of footwear for children.