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About Us

Vi-GGA-Mi Company was founded in 1992. We are settled in Dzialdowo, Poland. Currently almost 80 people are working for Vi-GGa-Mi. Every year we produce and sell over 500 thousand pairs of textile shoes in Poland and abroad.

Nowadays we focus our attention on the development of production and sales of textile shoes for children, although in the past we had successful_ results with the leather footwear production too, which is confirmed by a few important awards at prestigious fairs.

Our textile shoes are made in sizes 18,5-36. The basic materials we use in production are cotton and corduroy. We use natural cotton lining. Our shoe soles are made of lightweight, impact resistant and abrasion resistant PVC. Bottoms are color-matched to the model. We use great variety of decoration techniques for uppers: embroidery, prints, stitched applications jets and rubber charms. This season we introduced more models with colored lining as an alternative to natural lining materials.
We offer wide range of models. Every season we expand to offer new models and introduce new color options and designs and original soles to satisfy each of our clients.

Our products you can find in warehouses and stores throughout our country and abroad.

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